Todd was born and raised in two homes with his three siblings in Springfield, VA. After an active high school experience, Todd attended Longwood University, a small liberal arts university in Virginia. He earned a degree in German and studied at the University of Salzburg in Austria.

He then moved to Chicago and worked in housing projects on Chicago’s south side, taught in the Chicago Public Schools, and earned a certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Chicago. After two years, he moved to Richmond, Virginia, completing his Master’s coursework at Virginia Commonwealth University, working in international education and with inner city youth.

Todd next earned the degrees of Juris Doctor and Master of Laws in E.U. and French civil law through Vermont Law School, McGill University Faculty of Law in Montreal, Quebec, and Université de Cergy-Pontoise outside of Paris, France.

Todd benefitted from scholarships and work as a research assistant for law professors, volunteering with local youth, freelancing for attorneys on international law cases, and externing for the Honorable Richard D. Eadie at the King County Superior Court in downtown Seattle.  He also published and presented on international family law. 

Todd graduated Vermont Law, summa cum laude (“with highest honors”), a distinction the top two percent of graduates. At Cergy-Pontoise, Todd earned the top semester grade average and first distinction.

On a personal level, Todd has replaced his wrestling and rugby habits with yoga, kayaking, and hiking. He also enjoys learning languages, playing the violin, and maintaining valuable personal and professional contacts in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Todd draws from these experiences in his international family law work. Please click here for a copy of Todd’s current cv.

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